HPXML Datasets

HPXML includes four standard datasets that program administrators can use to accelerate the adoption of HPXML. These datasets also help reduce variation in data collection requirements across jurisdictions, which creates a more profitable and efficient industry.

One of the areas in which data standardization holds the greatest promise is in data collection and reporting. If different energy efficiency programs all agree to collect the same (or very similar) data for the same use cases, information technology (IT) costs could be reduced significantly across the country.

Software vendors would be able to use the same reporting template, with only minor modifications, for multiple programs. Standard datasets also would greatly facilitate cross-program comparability as well as support research efforts and accurate quantification of savings for other uses.

HPXML includes four standard datasets that program administrators can adopt to standardize data collection and reporting for several use cases, including:

    • Transfer of project data from third-party energy modeling or data collection tools to a program management database; and
    • Export energy efficiency project data, including the DOE’s Home Energy Score, to local MLS systems.

    Each of the datasets specifies a number of required data elements that can be collected at specific points during the implementation of a residential energy efficiency program.

    New datasets will be created and published as needed. If you would like to submit an idea for a new HPXML dataset, please contact us.

    Data Selection Tool

    The data selection tool is an easy-to-use spreadsheet that is designed to help program administrators and implementers determine their HPXML data needs based on the minimum data requirements of the HPXML datasets.