Home Performance eXtensible Markup Language (HPXML) creates a common language for the industry’s transactions, making it easier and less expensive to collect and exchange information among contractors, program administrators, implementers, government, evaluation consultants, and other information trading partners.

HPXML provides value to the energy efficiency industry

Industry Efficiency

Improve industry efficiency by reducing the costs of data collection and exchange between market actors


Create interoperability between software systems to transfer data across a diverse set of market actors

High Quality Research

Standardize terminology and collect higher quality data as a means of tracking and quantifying work completed in the industry

More than 20 companies have adopted HPXML

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It's easy to get started with HPXML

Data Dictionary

Standardizes terms, definitions, and data formats

Transfer Standard

Requirements for a standard xml data transfer protocol

HPXML Validator

Validate your HPXML files against the schema and its datasets

Implementation Guide

Learn how to integrate HPXML into your work streams and products

HEScore Translator

Generate Home Energy Score inputs from HPXML

Data Selection Tool

Understand how your data needs align with HPXML

Case Studies

Programs speak about their experience with HPXML

Working Group

Working group activities and how to become involved