HPXML is a combination of two related open data standards that are published by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited organization.

BPI-2200-S-2013 Standard for Home Performance-Related Data Collection is a data dictionary that standardizes the names, definitions, and data formats of terms used to provide  a general description of a whole house or single measure energy  upgrade for reporting, rebate, quality assurance, or valuation purposes. The data dictionary includes terms related to:

    • Contractor, customer, and program information
    • Buildings, building components, and building systems
    • Energy efficiency features and systems
    • Renewable energy features and systems
    • Energy consumption
    • Energy savings (estimated and actual)

BPI-2100-S-2013 Standard for Home Performance-Related Data Transfer provides requirements for an extensible mark-up language (xml) data transfer protocol that can be used to transfer data defined in the data dictionary between different software systems.

Together, these standards make up HPXML. HPXML makes it easier and quicker to exchange data on a home's energy features and performance among information trading partners.